Bella at Heart

My gorgeous friend Bella has a name translating to ‘beautiful’ (Italian) or ‘God’s Promise’ (Hebrew) which quintessentially describes her alluring and vivacious personality. I was so lucky to meet her at an end of school party when she had her blond ringlets whisked up into a top bun and a beautiful Fijian hibiscus in her ear. We giggled together as that was about the most we could both verbalised after loosing our voices from many late nights singing and partying. Thus, before I knew the important facts that you learn early on in a friendship (ie. hobbies, subjects studied, favourite tv show), I knew what each one of her endearing facial expressions meant.

Her personality lit up the room and seemed appreciated by her countless school friends but I thought the aura she projected deserved more praise.


My first time at a club, I heard someone calling my name and turned around to see Bella with the most massively genuine smile come to greet me with a hug at the bar. She was there with a posse of her closest friends and told me about all the clubs she had been to thus far in the week (note-it was only a Friday) and I instantly wanted to uncover all the blank mysteries about her life I didn’t know. You know that feeling where a new friends life just seems to happening that your curiosity in them grows bigger every time they talk? That’s what it felt like for me- falling into the fascination of a seemingly perfect life of happiness and future potential. Bella meant not only beauty but she stood as a symbol in my life of radiance, buoyancy and career free.20526704_1894184500834862_1919669069_n

We danced all night together and our friend groups faded into the background. I laughed overtime she smiled because I hadn’t known the feeling for a long time- of being clear headed, feeling not judged and light throughout my body. This happened several more times as we bumped into each other at different clubs. One time I was having such a bad night at a local club with my friends that I decided to text her- inevitably knowing she was also out clubbing- and she invited me to meet her at another club which was lighting up. I uber’d myself there and she meet me at the door with a saggy pizza slice that she had kindly saved for me and grabbed my hand as she navigated me through the tightest mosh crowd I’d even seen- made near impossible with the fact we were both drunk and searching through a sea of smoke, later lights and gym junky guys with steal arms to get to the bar. I don’t remember the rest of that night but I know I was on cloud Bella the whole time.


I came to find out she was just as ambitious as I was in her life- except the difference was I stood at home pondering about what I can make happen with a small bank account and limited experience in my eighteen years and she went out and make things happen. She volunteered at fashion week, went to festivals all over the city (even on weekdays and uni days), made time to balance uni and friends. I became more allured be the fact that I seemed to be starting into the sunset and she was off sailing on the boat, so to speak. She hadn’t got very far but she was trying and having fun whilst doing it.

The last time I caught up with Bella was when I took this photos of her and she kindly modelled for me. I believe life presents us with certain people at certain times who show us what we need in those moments of our lives, and it is most possibly our duty to chase after a relationship with that person and adapt some of the great qualities we see in them in our own lives. We see these people in our lives everyday, maybe just an extremely happy customer at a coffee shop, a friend of a friend who we get introduced to or a boss at work. And we know immediately after meeting these people that we want to know that person- all aspects to them. So cease on these people. As JK Rowling famously said “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.” So I challenge you, whoever is reading this- take a risk on a friendship with the next person you meet who seems to have great qualities that you may be lacking currently and who brings out the best in yourself- even in the briefest of encounters. Best of luck!



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